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Phone: +1-808-217-9647


Street: 351 Wailuku Drive, Hilo, Hawaii 96720  USA

We help you supplement what you can do with your local health care providers. We teach you how you can heal yourself. We help you explore and fulfill your unique healing potential. We keep an eye on the big picture including your whole body and soul, blending the best healing technologies with our years of experience as wellness whisperers. 

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+1 (808) 217-9647

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About The Eye Healing & Wellness Center

at Mentorship University

The Eye Healing & Wellness Center of Mentorship University teaches you and your participating health care providers how you can team up to support and stimulate the healing potential of your eyes and improve your vision with our natural healing systems. 

Access Cutting Edge Technology

In addition to our own proprietary systems developed over the last 35 years of clinical exploration, we integrate multiple systems for remote biocommunication using internet based technologies. We also incorporate advanced healing technologies, many of which have been developed around the globe for use by NASA and other space agency programs where drugs and surgery are not even feasible.

Experienced Professional Guidance

Dr. Glen Swartwout has been recognized as a leading holistic eye care professional for over 30 years. A high honors science graduate of Dartmouth College, he trained in eye care at the largest outpatient eyecare facility in the world, and was the first to bring his father's pioneering system of vision care to Asia. Author of over a dozen books on natural healing, his books on the major blinding eye diseases are among the top selling worldwide.

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Healing Breakthrough

How Vision Works

​​​​​​​Reverse Aging

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Experience the Future of

Natural Eye Care

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Rae has worked closely with Dr. Glen Swartwout's healing systems for nearly 20 years. She has devoted her life to helping others transform their quality of life.

Visionary Coach Trainer

Rae Luscombe

Because of our work with celebrities, our unique approach to whole person healing has appeared in places like the world's highest circulation periodical, People Magazine... But you and your participating coaches and health practitioners are the real celebrities to us... 

Coaching and Consulting

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Dr. Glen Swartwout is the creator of the Clinical Theory of Everything which includes the 5 Phases of Healing model, which serves as your roadmap to recovering radiant health and optimum visual performance. 

The ​​​​​​​Wizard of Wellness 

Dr. Glen Swartwout

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